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1 Status

1st: Web server outage

The ABBUC web server has been hacked and infected with malware. It will now be physically taken offline and the old server will no longer go online, as the installed software is too old and cannot be cleaned from the malware with reasonable effort.

This does not catch us completely off guard, but a bit too early at this point. We have been looking for ways to get a secure, up-to-date system up and running since the beginning of 2020 and have already set up a test server on which various scenarios were tested, such as updating the current software. Since the ABBUC board has legal responsibility, we were looking for a solution that focused on security, DSGVO compliance and updatability. We are close to the beta testing phase where more members will be involved. This now needs to be accelerated. To keep the downtime as short as possible, we will now first work on getting the forum back up and running as soon as possible.

The technical basis is already almost finished, due to the time pressure that has now arisen, increased personal effort was put into getting the basis ready.

However, the new forum will start from "zero", as the transfer of all data proved to be too time-consuming and dangerous. However, the "old" forum is saved, and as soon as the new server is up and running, we will clean the data from malware and put it online in "read-only" status.

Technical help is not needed at the moment, if you can and want to help with the content, please contact us by mail to internet (at) abbuc de. However, since we now have to act quickly and in a targeted manner, we cannot answer every mail immediately, but are focusing on the things that are necessary to get back online quickly.

To make the site as modern and future-proof as possible, we need to lay a secure foundation. But the site will then "grow" together with you.

The board


Thanks to the support of Wolfgang Burger, the Bürgerhaus Süd in Herten on 16.10.2021 is booked for this years member meeting (JHV) under reservation. The reservation is based on the fact that currently no one can say for sure what the legal situation is for events of this kind in October. But we are optimistic and look forward to seeing many of you again in October.

3rd: Magazine #144

Against all odds, we have now bagged magazine #144 and will be putting it in the mail on Monday, 4/19. After the magazine is before the magazine: please send contributions (including announcements) of any kind for Magazine #145 to by 5/1/2021.

<2021-04-24 Sat 19:51>

The first ABBUC user homepages are restored: ABBUC User Homepages

<2021-04-21 Wed 08:15>

We were able to make a full backup of the ABBUC server. No data has been lost.

Next weekend (24/25 April) the ABBUC member homepages will be moved and available again. When the pages are back online there will be info here.

The ABBUC mail system and the ABBUC Nextcloud are on a different system in a different data center and are not affected by the security incident. These services are working as usual.

<2021-04-13 Tue 20:40>

The ABBUC server has been shut down following a security incident.

The Internet team is discussing next steps with the board.

More information on the status here at

ABBUC Internet Team

2 Welcome to ABBUC e.V.

This is the (static) backup website of the Atari Bit Byter User Club e.V.. (ABBUC).

Date: 2021-04-21 Wed 00:00

Author: ABBUC Internet Team

Created: 2021-04-24 Sat 19:51